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Police caught harassing UoN female students in another video

Yet another video of police officers manhandling students at the University of Nairobi has been shared online.

In the video, shared on Twitter by controversial blogger Robert Alai, police officers can be seen pulling a female student by the hair while slapping and dragging her to join a group of students.

The group is then led out of the area that looks like outside one of the halls of residence.

The latest video comes after another one showing police officers clobbering people who are purported to be students following days of unrest at the University of Nairobi over disputed students’ union elections. But it clear when the video was shot.


Photos of female students lying outside the hostel windows and on windowsills have also been circulated online along with those of vandalized hostel doors.

The university was indefinitely closed on Tuesday following the protests by the students.

Police have been accused of forcefully evicting students during the Monday demonstrations and investigations are ongoing over allegations of rape. But the police have since discredited the authenticity of the first video.

Videos of students leaving the hostels and police vehicles entering the halls of residence minutes before 5pm were also shared online.

Watch the video here: