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Police clash with demonstrators in Kibra

There was a standoff between police and youth in Kibera after youth started stoning cars, forcing police to lob tear gas.

Running battles were witnessed as irate youth pelted stones at police and journalists as they tried to enter the CBD for the planned demonstrations by opposition leader Raila Odinga and his supporters.

Police are blocking the protesters who want to march to Nairobi CBD.

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Earlier, police could be seen collecting tires left by the roadside in Atanyi, Kibera.

Parts of the city are in lockdown as police have been strategically deployed in various points in the city and estates with a violent history.

There was heavy police presence along Processional Way (the route leading to State House) in Nairobi. A part of the Arboretum drive was also closed.

Police officers on horse backs have been deployed in the city.

Police lorries have also been parked across the major roads leading to the city alongside plain-clothed police officers. Human traffic remains unchanged.

Nairobi streets are largely quiet with heavy police presence, most shops remain closed, but transport to CBD is uninterrupted with free flow of vehicles and people.

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