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Police commanders ordered to recall ‘excess’ traffic officers from the roads

By Joseph Ndunda February 10th, 2020 1 min read

The Deputy Inspector General in-charge of the Kenya Police Service Edward Mbugua has ordered police commanders to recall “excess” traffic officers from roads to decimate harassment of motorists by the officers.

In a memo to senior commanders Mbugua said that the deployment of excess traffic officers on roads is purely for personal gains.

He said the increase of traffic police officers has raised the number of complaints from motorists.

Mbugua said traffic commanders have not requested for additional officers and the increase of traffic officers on roads is not proportional to the number of cases detected.

“It has come to my attention that commanders are deploying many officers to perform traffic duties at the expense of other police duties. Due to the many officers, there are many complaints on harassment of motorists. I have no doubts that this is happening for personal gains thus your integrity is questionable,” Mbugua said on Thursday in his memo.


The police boss directed regional and county police commanders to recall the officers and deploy them on prevention and detection of crimes.

Mbugua’s order comes amid complaints against a senior traffic police officer in Nairobi by junior officers.

The juniors accuse their boss of obtaining bribes from rogue public service vehicles operators who want to circumvent the law.

The officers claim those on traffic duties are required to send the senior traffic officer a specified amount of money via a phone number provided to them or make hand deliveries of the cash at his office.