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Police contact Runda landlord for murder clues

Police have reached out to the owner of the house in Runda where an Australian national was shot and killed on Sunday night.

Police are interrogating the owner of the house through e-mail correspondents. The landlord is said to be living in the United States.

“We want to establish whether the landlord has enemies in Kenya and who they are. We also want to know if there are feuds in connection to the acquisition of this land,” Gigiri OCPD Vitalis Otieno said on Monday.

The house, number 12 in Runda’s Kigwaru area, has been raided by four times this year.  The assailants stole property and injured tenants in the attacks in January, April, May and August.

No one has been killed in all the previous raids.

Neighbors say the Australian national, Patrick John Richer, had moved into the house in September.

Mr Richer was the director of the TBWA Flame Tree, an international advertising agency.

He had previously worked for Lowe and Partners, an international advertising agency based in London, and at Ogilvy where he was the creative director.

The Gigiri OCPD said police are investigating why the house often targeted, saying they are suspecting that the landlord could be having enemies around.

The house is situated a few meters from Limuru Road. Its back garden can be accessed from the rough road linking Runda estate to Limuru Road.

The gardener, who was at the compound on Monday, said that the assailants entered the compound through the live fence. There was however no evidence of a break in.

Three dogs were in the compound at the time of the 1:00am incident.

Mr Otieno said the watchmen are being questioned in connection to the murder of the.

The assailants according to Mr Otieno were ten in number.

“Six of them were in Administration Police Uniform, but the other four were in civilian,” he said.

The victim’s wife, Leslie Richer told the police that the assailants were armed with AK 47 rifles and looked like police officers.

“They took the TV, Mobile phones and two laptops,” Mrs Richer said.