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Teen arrested for ‘drinking after hours’, claims officers demanded sexual favours from her

A tweet by human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has generated an online uproar over allegations that a 19-year-old woman had been held in a police station in Nakuru by officers demanding sexual favours.

The lady was reportedly arrested on Monday night together with her friend on their way to a funeral meeting taken to Mwariki Police Station.

She was released from police custody on Tuesday after being detained for “drinking after hours”.

According to a local, who has been following up on the girl’s arrest, the police officers allegedly asked for sexual favours from the girl in order to release her.

“It is very sad that some officers were asking from sexual favours from her in order to release her. This cannot be condoned,” says Nelson Gitonga an activist in Nakuru.

Speaking to Nairobi News on the phone Mr Gitonga said that she was informed of the girl’s arrest from members of a dance group which she belongs to.


“Her friends called me and told me that Mercy was arrested on Monday at 8pm while she was heading to a burial meeting in the neighborhood, and was being detained at the Mwariki Police Station,” Gitonga said.

When he visited the station on Tuesday morning he was informed that the lady had been arrested for being “drunk after hours”.

Boniface Mwangi’s tweet received varied reaction from Kenyans on Twitter.

@CPAChacha “Our police officers have just been reduced to clobbers and sex predators. Shame to them.”

While Kakamega Finest asked, “They want to transmit her freedom sexually? Who bewitched our rogue officers?”

Obi Kenya shared another form of police harassment in Mombasa, “The police are ever harassing ppl seated in their cars at Mama Ngina Drive, l wonder if there’s a law prohibiting couples from seating in their cars.”

“Only in Kenya where those mandated to protect and preserve the law are the ones that contravene and abuse the same laws. It’s so unfortunate that in the 20th century such atrocious behaviors are happening and worse the leadership condone the same act,” wrote Tijey.

@jacobadera said, “The police have diverted from the core mandate of protecting the people. They are becoming dangerous to the citizen day by day. This is one of the most unfortunate incidences to say.”