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Police detain woman accused of killing husband

Police are detaining a woman suspected to have killed her husband after a domestic quarrel.

Florence Kanairo Ntoiti, 31, was arrested in relation to the murder of Swaleh Kalema Baraza.

The deceased was until his death a court administrator attached to the Maua Law Courts.

Detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) say they’ve gathered enough evidence indicating Ms Kanairo was the last person who interacted with the deceased.

“The suspect was the last person who was seen with the deceased before his body was found dumped beside the Meru- Maua road,” the DCI said.

A police report seen by Nairobi News reveals Ms Kanairo suspected her husband of cheating on her with a waiter.

On the fateful day, the couple is said to have visited the said hotel at 4pm and witnesses say all was good as they enjoyed a meal.

Sleuths attached to DCI retrieved CCTV footage from the hotel which showed how they arrived and stayed until 2am, Monday, April 18 when things began going astray.

“It was established the suspect and the deceased are staying together as husband and wife in Maua town. Yesterday, at around 4pm, they went to the hotel at Laare in Igembe North Sub County for a drink,” the police report reads in part.

The duo, according to the police, arrived at the hotel in a motor vehicle of registration number KCF 721C which was being driven by the suspect.

However, after enjoying drinks for over nine hours, Ms Kanairo is captured in the CCTV footage leaving the hotel while angry.

According to the police, witnesses further said that the suspect started accusing her husband of having an affair with the waiter.

She went to the car and waited for an hour (from 2am-3am) when the deceased was captured walking out of the hotel accompanied by the waiter.

“The suspect is seen driving towards them and the deceased is captured in the CCTV boarding the vehicle and Ms Kanairo drives towards Maua direction leaving the waiter behind,” the report further reveals.

However, the deceased did not arrive in Maua town. Instead, his lifeless body was found beside the road three kilometers away from the hotel.

Police say that Ms Kanairo did not make any report of what transpired and instead went straight to their house.

“Police visited the house and the suspect was arrested. It was further established that the suspect had some injuries on her middle and fourth fingers which by the time of her arrest were stitched,” the report stated.