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Police firearm recovered from slain suspect

A pistol belonging to a police constable attached to the Supreme Court has been recovered from a slain suspect.

The police officer was beaten and injured badly on the head and left unconscious at the fence of Chiromo mortuary on Wednesday morning.

Police spokesperson Gatiria Mboroki claimed the officer, Chrispinus Nyongesa Wangila who is attached to the Supreme Court, had been beaten on the head with a sharp object.

Nairobi County Police Commandant, Benson Kibui said the officer might have been beaten elsewhere before being dumped at the fence of the mortuary.

“His official Ceska Pistol was stolen from him and we only recovered a pistol holster and his driving license which help us to identify him” Mr Kibui said.

On Tuesday as he was leaving for work at the Supreme Court, he had been issued with the pistol of serial number 3796 loaded with 15 bullets.

Early Thursday morning at 8:30 am, the police gunned down a suspect at the Kangemi Flyover and recovered the injured police officer’s pistol.

“When we recovered the pistol, it was only loaded with five bullets, a sign that the other ten might have been used or were sold,” Mr Kibui said.

A cartridge of one of the missing bullets was found at the scene where the suspect was slain by police.

“He fired at the crowd during the police chase and injured one man before he was also shot dead by the officers” Mr Kibui.

The police constable was rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital in critical condition.