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Police gun down two thugs in Ruai

Police early Monday morning gunned down two suspected thugs in Kamulu, Ruai area, and netted an assortment of crude weapons.

Kayole OCPD Joseph Ndegwa said a group of four men raided the National Oil petrol station in the centre at around 3:30 am.

“They threatened two watchmen with machetes prompting them to escape. Police on patrol in the area heard their (watchmen) distress call and went to the petrol station,” Mr Ndegwa said.

“On reaching the petrol station, they found the four men. Two of them were trying to break into the station’s strong room.”

The police shot two suspects as they tried to escape and recovered three chisels, a machete, a mason’s hammer and one iron bar.

One of those who were shot dead was identified as Samuel Chemba. The other suspect remains unidentified because he had no identification documents on him.

The other two suspects escaped into the dark. Nothing was stolen from the petrol station