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Police hunt for city gang caught on CCTV in a daring theft – VIDEO

Police in Nairobi are searching for three male suspects and a woman caught on camera stealing a laptop from a reveler at a city club within the Central Business District.

The unsuspecting reveler was on Friday evening the target of the four-member gang as he whiled the night away with friends at a club along Kimathi Street.

Adrien Muganda was seated outside the club and had hanged his laptop bag – which also contained personal effects – on a chair.


Unknown to him, his every movement was being watched by the gang.

CCTV footage of the theft show how a man and woman pretended to be exchanging phone numbers as they stood next to Mr Muganda.

The two were soon joined by another man who emerged from the club and pretended to be involved in their conversation.

The third man then picks Mr Muganda’s laptop bag and goes back to the club. Immediately after, the two who were conversing leave and walk away.

At the same time, a fourth man who was standing alone drinking coffee also leaves and follows the two.

Police are looking for the gang after Mr Muganda filled a police report at the Central police station.