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VIDEO: Police hunt for foreigner filmed brandishing gun at Kileleshwa guard

Police in Nairobi are looking for a foreigner caught on tape brandishing a pistol at a security guard in Kileleshwa over a parking spot row.

The foreigner was part of a group of visitors at an apartment block in Kileleshwa on Saturday.

They had insisted on parking their white Range Rover registration number KCH 001 V at a spot reserved for tenants despite protests by the security guard.

According to the guard, he had urged them to park at a spot designated for visitors but they refused.


“They came and I showed them a parking spot for visitors but they refused and parked at a tenants’ spot. They said that they will not stay for long and they will be back in a few minutes,” said the guard.

The foreigner even warned that he will push out any car that will block his way.

The guard’s warning came to pass and the foreigner found his car blocked from behind.

“They started insulting me and threatening to kill me and the owner of the car. When I heard them saying they will kill us, I refused to call the owner of the car that had  blocked them,” he adds.

Footage from a CCTV camera mounted on the gate showed one of the visitors throwing an object at the guard’s cubicle. This forced the guard to wield his baton at them, which infuriated the three foreigners more.


Soon, one of the visitors is seen drawing out a pistol from his back and brandishing it at the guards who were in their cubicle.

“They said they will kill me and disappear because this is Kenya and no one can do anything to them,” the guard told journalists.

The guard added that the group started clobbering him. The three would later drive out in their car.

The guard has reported the incident at Kileleshwa police station. Police have launched a man hunt for the man who was captured brandishing a gun at the guard.

Police want to establish the identity of the man and whether he is a licensed gun holder.