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Police hunt for GSU officer behind robberies in city

Detectives are tracking down a GSU officer and his former colleague suspected to be involved in crime in Nairobi.

This comes just two days after two other officers from the same unit were arrested in Nairobi’s Donholm area on suspicion of being involved in robberies.

Police records indicate that at least 15 officers linked to crime have been arrested in Nairobi in the last one month.

On Friday night, two officers suspected to be behind robberies and extortion within Buruburu and Embakasi estates were arrested by Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives.

The two had allegedly stolen Sh89,000 from a man before they were arrested.

One of the officers is a drill instructor at the GSU Training School while his colleague is attached to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


Police say the two officers had been linked to other crimes in the city but had never been charged.

National Police Service spokesman George Kinoti on Sunday warned that the service would deal firmly with officers involved in crime.

He, however, said the officers would not be condemned unheard.

“Though they are innocent until proven guilty, we will conduct thorough investigations to ensure that rogue officers are brought to book,” he warned.

Another GSU officer based in Kilgoris but operating in Nairobi is also being tracked down after preliminary investigations linked him to crime in the city.