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Police hunt for students who assaulted colleague over love triangle – VIDEO

Police in Mombasa are hunting two male students from Technical University of Mombasa who allegedly beat up their colleague over allegations that he was involved in an affair with one of the culprit’s girlfriend.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media under the hashtag #justiceforalloys, the victim, identified as Alloys, was made to kneel down, slapped and asked to explain why he kissed a girl by the name Angel.

In the second video, Alloys is seen lying on the floor while two other young men whip mercilessly. The two attackers have been identified as Cedric and Chiga

The two culprits were both First Year students at the university.

A source at the institution, who preferred anonymity, said Alloys was first taken to a barber to get a shave before receiving a dog beating from the two suspects.


“The student was caught in compromising position with the girl which greatly angered her boyfriend. He later stormed the hostel room where the boy was staying and with the help of a friend, they started beating him. Alloys reported the issue to the Dean of students,” he said.

Screenshots shared on WhatsApp groups in the campus show that one of the suspects, Cedric, had posted a status threatening to commit suicide after the video of the assault went viral.

The posts read; “Dying at 17, I don’t even know what life means (crying emoji). My talent straight to hell, I’m convinced satan is waiting for me,17! I go to jail, NO WAY…NEVER!!”

He explained that he beat Alloys to warn him to cut ties with his girlfriend.

“I warned Alloys more than five times he never took me seriously, how do you kiss my girlfriend three times then expect me to give you justice, all that trust I gave you,” the status read.

On the same thread, he even bid his parents farewell and told them that he was sorry for the decision he was going to make.


“Mom and dad, Brian am so sorry, I’ve made up my mind. Mom tell those mortuary attendants not to touch a single strand of my hair,” Cedric’s status read.

James Ongare, a student leader in charge of accommodation affairs, assured that the misbehaving comrades will face the wrath of the law.

“As leaders we have already taken up the matter very strongly. Currently we are at Makupa police station securing the OB number,” Mr Ongare said.

TUM student president Jurist Muchiri said the school has acted on the matter and justice will be served to the victim.

“The administration has also taken immediate action and have suspended the two students Cedric and Chiga and subsequently deregistering them from the student portal, after they appear before the university disciplinary committee,” Mr Muchiri said.

Mr Muchiri said the victim, Alloys, should be given more time to undergo treatment as he was seriously hurt from the beating.