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Police hunt for woman who killed daughter in posh city estate

By STELLA CHERONO February 15th, 2016 1 min read

Police are looking for a woman suspected to have killed her daughter in a posh estate in Nairobi.

Police said the woman, identified as Mama Shalom, left the body of her daughter in a house they had rented in Mountain View Estate.

The body was discovered by the landlord, Mr Peter Njau Maella, on Saturday at around 2pm.

Mr Njau told the police that he was conducting routine weekly checks at the property. He said a foul smell was emanating from the locked house.

He said neighbours told him that the woman, who had rented the house, had not been seen for several days prompting him to break down the door.

He said they found the body of the girl in the house. Her left foot and right hand were broken.