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Police hunting down man for defiling niece repeatedly, impregnating the minor thrice

Police in Kisii are investigating an incident in which a 17-year-old girl from Nyabimwa village in Kisii south was reportedly defiled by her uncle repeatedly, impregnating her thrice.

Kisii County Police Commander Martin Kibet said they are looking for the man aged about 40 and will present him in court as soon as he is arrested.

“He will be arraigned in court. A DNA test will be done to determine the paternity of the surviving child,” said Mr Kibet.

The minor’s three-month old baby reportedly fathered by the missing man was on Wednesday buried in a ceremony marred by drama.

The little girl had succumbed to burn wounds sustained after their house caught fire in an unclear circumstance.

“We are investigating circumstances in which the young girl got burnt and why those around at the time did not rescue her,” said Mr Kibet.

At the time of the fire, the girl’s mother had gone to a nearby shop while the grandmother was out for manual jobs which she does to earn a living.

“We are told the teenager is currently pregnant with her third child, also fathered by her uncle,” said Mr Kibet.

On Wednesday, locals had threatened to lynch the man saying such behavior cannot be tolerated in their village.

Villagers demanded to know how the three-month-old child burnt pointing an accusing finger at the alleged father.

But what shocked residents more is that no report was made to the police or necessary authorities since 2015 when the girl was first reportedly defiled by the uncle.

Yesterday, the girl gave a horrendous account of how his uncle had reportedly been defiling her and threatening to kill her if she dared share her ordeal with anyone.

“My uncle started defiling me when I was in standard four. He has been doing it since then. He warned me of dire consequences if I talked,” she said, moments after the burial of her daughter.

She dropped from school after getting her first born.

She added that her ordeal came into the limelight a day before her daughter’s burial after mourners who had escorted the body into their homestead in preparation for burial spotted them in a bush.

“They saw me and my uncle coming out of a bush near the river and demanded to know what we were doing. It was then that I gathered courage and revealed what I have been undergoing,” she said.

The girl’s mother said she wants the man compelled to take care of the children he has sired.

“This man has given me unnecessary burden. I want him to take care of his children,” said the woman.

According to Mr Thomas Moindi, a clan elder, the incident has left them in shock.

“How can a man prey on his daughter for all these years?” he wondered.

She said her daughter revealed she had been defiled after she got her second born.

“When I enquired, my in-laws turned against me, threatening to chase me out of my home. They told me they would kill me,” she said.

According to clerics, Richard Omosa and Paul Kiage, local administrators failed to take action on the sex predator even after they reported the matter to them.

“Our chief ignored our plea to have the suspect arrested and prosecuted. We feel they have been protecting the accused,” said Mr Kiage.