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Police hunting down MP Ali Wario for refusing to be screened

Police in Tana River are looking for Garsen MP Ali Wario for refusing to be screened for Covid-19.

Tana River Health CEC Javan Bonaya said the legislator arrived at a check-point in Kanagoni after crossing from Kilifi and refused to be screened. The MP allegedly termed the exercise as annoying.

“Our field officers tried to speak to him about the screening but he refused and threatened to interfere with the entire exercise if he was not allowed to pass,” said Mr Bonaya.

Mr Wario reportedly tossed temperature test kits and threw away the spikes at the check-point. He drove off to the shock of other residents who had lined up for screening.

Tana River County Commissioner Oning’oi Ole’Sosio accused the MP of acting in defenceĀ  of government directive.

He said that the area commander has received orders to arrest and charge Mr Wario for deliberately endangering the lives of residents.

“We cannot entertain an individual flouting precautionary measures we have put in place,” he said.