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Police hunting for ‘Takataka’ singer Alvindo after defying summon

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in collaboration with Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) officers have launched a manhunt for the singer of the controversial song ‘Takataka’.

KFCB chief executive Ezekiel Mutua said the singer Alvindo and the producer of the song have ignored the ban slapped on the song and proceeded to release a video for the song.

The song was banned two weeks ago on grounds of obscenity and promoting violence against women.

The singer and producer were subsequently summoned to appear before the board in 14 weeks, which they have ignored according to Mutua.

“Police are also narrowing down on the producer and composer of the song ‘Takataka’ banned recently by the Board for its misogynistic relics,” said Mutua on Sunday.

Mutua said they are in possession of more than 200 DVDs which will be used as exhibit in court to charge the upcoming musician.

“The culprits will serve as an example that the war against unrated films and dirty content is not empty talk. There will be nowhere to hide for people who break the law with impunity in the name of creativity.”

The song is about the ire of a jilted lover who shreds his ex-girlfriend apart. It was first released as a snippet in January before the singer returned to the studio to put the final touches.

In the ban, KFCB warned that the song should not be performed live or aired anywhere in the country. Local DJ’s were also  prohibited from playing it. The ban also extends to social media.

The singer was given two weeks to appear before the board failure to which legal action will be taken against him.