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Police impersonator arrested in Nairobi

Police officers in Nairobi County have arrested a serial police impersonator who has been harassing members of the public within the city.

Mr Cornelius Bett, 37 has been making arrests and demanding bribes from members of the public until yesterday when his proverbial 40 days reached.

Sources with the police service say that Mr Bett made a killing during the Covid-19 period when Kenyans were asked to wear masks.

“He was always standing at strategic areas within the Central Business District (CBD) and nabbing civilians who had not put on their masks well or those who were not in one completely,” said a police source who spoke on condition of anonymity as he is not authorized to address the media.

Mr Bett was cornered by a team of undercover police officers on Friday at midnight after they stumbled upon him harassing Macmillan Osaji in Landimawe area, Nairobi County.

“Upon intervention, one of them by the name Osaji claimed that he had been arrested at railways stage within the CBD by Bett who informed him that he was a police officer,” the report read in part.

Mr Osaji in a statement made at the Makadara Police Station said that Mr Mumbi drove the vehicle to Landimawe area where he took the victim’s phone and Sh300.

“He further transferred Sh970 to his phone after obtaining the pin from the victim,” a police report seen by Nairobi News read in part.

The officers immediately frisked the suspect and he was found to be in possession of two serviceable police pocket phones with serial numbers 53135009 reading Riruta 7 and the other of serial number 33117207 reading Kileleshwa 11.