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Police investigating nine pastors who ‘beat up’ girl for skipping church – VIDEO

Police in Eldoret are investigating a disturbing incident where nine pastors of Winners Chapel are accused of beating up a 14 year-old girl for failing to attend church service.

It was alleged that on Sunday, the nine pastors subjected the minor girl to excessive and severe corporal punishment for failing to attend the day’s service at Winners Chapel which resulted in injuries to the victim.

Eldoret West OCPD Samuel Mutunga wondered what could have driven the nine pastors to beat up the child and suspected malice, adding that the matter is in preliminary stage of investigation.

Mr Mutunga said the matter was being investigated and the pupil was issued with a P3 form.


“She said she had been caned all over her body and had been unable to attend school due to the injuries,” said Mutunga.

The girl’s mother Lilian Wangari Kariuki narrated how her daughter came home with bruises all over her back.

She recalled that on the fateful day, her daughter attended a different church with her friends and on their way back, they met the pastors who summoned the girls and ordered them to lie on the cement floor. They started beating them.

“My daughter sometimes studies at the church and they wanted to go and pick their exam papers before coming home. That is when they met the pastors and after asking them where they were coming from, one pastor slapped my daughter and then took them to the church room for the beating,” she said.

The mother added that when her daughter returned home with the injuries, she took her to the hospital for examination.

All she wants now is justice for her daughter.

The girl said that the pastors were upset with them for going to another church yet the “Chapel” does everything for them.

“We teach you, baptise you, and yet you go to other Churches?” the girl recalled one of the pastors asking.