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Police kill gangster in Shauri Moyo shootout

Police on Wednesday trailed four suspected gangsters within Majengo Estate on Wednesday night before shooting one them dead in the neighbouring Shauri Moyo Estate.

Undercover police officers had trailed the four within Majengo Estate before ordering them to surrender. The suspects instead shot back at police prompting a shootout.

One member of the gang was shot dead as his three accomplices escaped.

Police officers from Shauri Moyo police station visited the scene and recovered a Berretta pistol with no visible serial number from the deceased. It was loaded with three rounds of ammunition.

The body was taken to city morgue for identification and autopsy.

Meanwhile, a man was on Wednesday evening accosted by two men who shot him and left him for dead.

The victim was on his way home from work  along Outer Ring road when the two attacked him.

The two tried to take the bag he was carrying and when he resisted they shot him on his left hip before taking the bag and running awaywith it.

The man was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital by good Samaritans and is admitted in stable condition.