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Police killed my boy in cold blood, says father

The family of a 25-year-old man gunned down last Thursday evening has accused the police of killing him in cold blood.

Despite the police saying the suspect tried to wrestle down a police officer, family members and other witnesses maintained that the police did not kill Harun Muhidin Sonosi, aka “Mandela,” in self defence. 

They said Mandela was shot four times in a cyber café in Lindi, Kibera, by officers believed to be from the Administration Police who had no intention of arresting him.

Mr Ayub Abudulaziz, who was with the deceased at the cyber cafe said he was shot before he could even rise from his seat.

“We had been there for over an hour when four officers stormed the cyber and one immediately told Mandela, ‘We ndo unakaa kaa hapa (you are the one idling here)’ and shot him before two other officers shot him as well,” said Abdulaziz.

The deceased’s father, a local charcoal dealer said the police shot his son to show their seniors that they were working.

“Why couldn’t the police arrest my son, he was seated taking custard juice and there are many witnesses who were at the cyber, my son did not resist arrest, they unjustly killed him to show their seniors that they are working,” said Mr Sonosi.

Kilimani divisional police chief Peter Katam, however, said police had evidence linking “Mandela” to robberies in the area including one a week before where a police officer was shot.