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Police nab man suspected of killing son

Police have arrested a man they accuse of killing his son as he attempted to flee the country.

Nehemiah Asiago, 41, was arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as he prepared to board a Qatar-bound flight

Homicide detectives have been trailing the suspect since June last year when he is alleged to have committed the crime.

He is alleged to have killed his son after a domestic argument by slitting his throat using a kitchen knife a year ago, and immediately went into hiding in an incident that shocked villagers in Bomakombi in Suneka.

The child’s brother told detectives that a disagreement arose after their father who was intoxicated, demanded to know what he had brought home from his day at the local shopping centre.

According to police, the victim, incensed by his father’s remarks since he was jobless and had gone to look for a job that didn’t come by, posed a similar question to his father, asking him what he had to show for his day’s activities other than returning home in a drunken stupor.”

This led to a scuffle which ultimately led to the death.

After realizing his mistake, the suspect went into hiding and was said to be operating between Nakuru and Nairobi

Detectives are currently interrogating the suspect for further details into the murder