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Police nab ‘mchele’ woman in Murang’a

May 30th, 2022 2 min read

Police have launched investigations into a case in which a government official drank alcohol suspected too have been spiked.

The man, attached to the Interior Ministry, and whose identity has been concealed by detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said that the drink was spiked by his lover who has been identified as Ms Alice Wangechi, 37.

However, hawk-eyed attendants at the popular joint noticed that something was amiss and they saved the man from losing his valuables to the woman who had allegedly stupefied his drink.

“The man had walked to Small Villa gardens at Kenol last evening, accompanied by a woman with whom they had several drinks and made merry,” the DCI said in a statement.

The DCI said that it was clear that the lady was on a mission to steal from the man who never noticed that something was amiss.

Attendants noticed that the man had passed out and the lady was already gathering his valuables when they stopped the evil plan.

The manager of the joint then alerted the police who rushed to the scene and arrested Ms Wangechi.

All the man’s belongings were then taken and kept as exhibits after the man was notified of what happened when he was asleep.

“Ms Wangechi’s arrest followed an expose on this page by the DCI communication department, warning men in rural areas of an influx of women whose drinks lacing enterprise had suffered a big blow in the city and were now scavenging in local pubs for easy prey,” the DCI said.

In the expose they said that the drug used to spike drinks is known as ‘Tamuu’ and it’s a depressant used to treat patients with mental problems.

The DCI warned bar-owners to be on high alert and always notify police officers immediately if they notice that something is not okay.

This comes just days after a man who had been running a group of women who had been spiking drinks across the city was shot dead along Mirema Drive, Nairobi County.

Mr Samuel Mugota was sprayed by bullets while he was on his way out of Roysambu by a man who later fled from the scene.

The main suspect in the shooting known as Denis Karani surrendered to the police and he is being detained as the investigations continue.