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Police nab suspected male gangster dressed as woman

Police in Nairobi have arrested two people who they suspect have been behind morning robberies in Langata.

One of the suspects identified as Peter Omweno Momanyi, 24, was arrested dressed as a woman alongside his accomplice John Muchiri Kimani aged 25.

These two, according to the police, were arrested after they defied Police orders to stop.

“One of the officers who arrested them had noticed there was something amiss with the appearance of the suspect,” the police report read.

Police released photos of the two suspects, which appeared to show a man dressed as a woman. The suspect was wearing a black dress, red top, and had a woman’s head-covering.

The arresting officer who is now becoming famous for chasing after his suspects with his speed ordered the two to stop but instead took to their heels.

“Unbeknownst to the thugs, they had just encountered the lanky, young crime busters based at Langata Police Station, whose speed and proficiency in chasing after thugs is unsurpassed. The two were arrested a few metres past the Mbagathi bridge,” the report added.

Police recovered crude weapons from them.

Momanyi was found in possession of a knife and a chain, carefully concealed on his waist.

Detectives based at Langata have established that the two are among suspects who waylay fitness enthusiasts who jog along Langata and Mbagathi roads, early in the morning and late in the evening.

The two have been placed in custody as they await arraignment in court on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, police masquerading as joggers shot and killed two thieves who were believed to be part of a gang that terrorizes innocent motorists plying the Southern Bypass.

Events began to unfold after three thieves attempted to rob the police, causing them to open fire and kill two on the spot while one escaped with gunshot wounds.

Kiambu County Commander Ali Nuno confirmed the incident and said that a sword, a panga, and three cell phones were among the items recovered from the scene.

Police suspect the thieves may have robbed other motorists and joggers a day before their deaths.