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Kenyans vent anger on police, NTSA for failing to contain road hogs

A post on Kenya Police’s official Twitter handle updating Kenyans on the speeding Tahmeed bus has kick-started a backlash from an outraged online community.

Tweeps commented how the police and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) have only reacted following an online uproar, as opposed to randomly conducting checks on public service vehicles.

A motorist filmed the speeding bus past Kambu on the busy Nairobi-Mombasa highway, pleading with the law enforcers to do something about it.

NTSA picked up the matter and summoned the bus company officials and on Wednesday they shared an update that the bus had been impounded and the driver charged.

NTSA also said the bus owner is set to be prosecuted.


However, Kenyans online questioned why the police and the authority were only acting on cases of reckless driving brought to their attention by the public, as opposed to conducting random checks and charging those found flouting traffic rules.

Adams Juma commented, “Kenya is (the) only country where things are managed after they happen… Manage things before it happen (sic) and will prosper that’s taking precaution.”

Mital wrote, “You need to however inspect their entire fleet and increase charges for everyone responsible. The corrupt officers who pass the inspections should face worse punishments.”

Denin stated, “Kindly do a random inspection of vehicles plying Lower Kabete route. Those things overspeed along that narrow road. Do not wait for a crisis to prompt your action, the public cannot police all the time.”

A user questioned, “The sad part is that a fellow citizen had to record this at night, on the road & with no police. Do you work 8 – 5pm?”