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Police Officer accused of raping woman inside station

Police in Nandi have launched a manhunt for their colleague who is accused of raping a woman inside Kaimosi Police Station cell at gunpoint.

Ms XYZ (not her real name) was in custody reportedly for stealing children contrary to section 174(1)(a)(b) of the penal code while awaiting her day in court.

“She accused a police officer who was on night duty and raised the concern with the station’s Officer Commanding Station (OCS) who was carrying out routine cell visits,” the police report read in part.

This prompted the OCS to take the victim to her office and upon interrogation, she stated the officer identified as Mr Samuel Wanyonyi walked into the cell alone and deceived her that she had been called by his bosses.

The lady then followed the officer leaving behind three other women that were also in custody for various offenses.

It is then that Mr Wanyonyi who was armed with a rifle turned against her and ordered that she enter a room located next to the report office.

The suspect then went ahead and forcefully removed her trouser, went ahead and raped her.

According to Ms XYZ, the suspect then her he will kill her just in case she tried to report the matter.

“I Wanyonyi will kill you if you dare report that I have raped you,” the officer is quoted in a police report seen by Nairobi News to have said.

The victim said that she spent a few hours inside the room as she cried before the officer finally asked her to get back to the cell.

An investigation on the matter was carried out and it emerged that Mr Wanyonyi who was the report officer personnel had taken advantage of the situation because the officer who was supposed to be on duty had gone to attend to her sick child.

“The complainant was immediately taken to hospital for examination and the P3 form filed. The said accused officer is at large,” the report further revealed.