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Police officer arrested for threatening to shoot his love rival

A police officer from Industrial Area Police Station has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a man he suspects of taking away his girlfriend.

Police Constable, Sammy Wabomba, was arrested on Tuesday morning after he threatened to shot the said man.

The officer shot two rounds of ammunition in the air as he issued the threat his love rival.

The officer is said to have been on duty guarding KCB, Likoni Road branch during the incident.


He allegedly left for the bank alone, leaving behind his colleague Fatuma Hassan who was meant to be with him at the bank.

His firearm, an AK47 rifle (serial number 16235116) had 30 rounds of ammunition when he signed for it in the morning at the station.

But when he was recalled back to the station after the shooting incident, his firearm had 28 rounds of ammunition.


The incident was reported to Industrial Area Police Station by Senior Chief Land Mawe area, Solomon Muraguri.

The officer is currently in police custody awaiting investigations into the incident.

In March this year a police officer from Soy Police Station killed his wife.

According to police reports, the couple had been embroiled in a protracted domestic feud.