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Police officer charged with assaulting colleague in city pub

An Administration Police officer has been charged with assaulting a regular policewoman in Nairobi pub last Saturday.

And when the officer, Patrick Kawale Amukhuma, was charged before the chief magistrate Francis Andayi, he stated that “my colleagues treated me as if I was not a member of the disciplined force. They beat me up took away by certificate of employment (CoA) and bundled me into Land Rover then sped towards Central Police Station.”

The suspect was accused of assaulting  PCW Maureen Kanyamkur at Reavers Pub along Duruma Road on April 22 causing her bodily harm.

He was also charged with resisting arrest and obstructing Kanyamkur, police constables Evans Ager and Elijah Lekishon from discharging their official duties. He denied the three counts.

Amukhuma, who is based in Isiolo, instead added that the three regular police officers descended on him at Reavers Pub along Duruma Road and smashed his phone after taking away the SIM card.

“I was attacked with alot of hatred and mistreated,”  Mr Amukhuma told the magistrate.


He also pleaded with the court to intervene and assist him to get back his CoA so that he can proceed to Isiolo.

“Is there anybody who can identify you to confirm to me you are a police officer,” Mr Andayi asked him.

“Yes some of the officers who guard this court building can identify me,” Mr Amukhuma stated.

His father, David Kanari, was also in court and confirmed to the magistrate that the accused was his son.

But Mr Andayi directed the accused to link up with his seniors who will “send an officer of the rank of Inspector to appear in court to identify the accused to the magistrate.”

He also asked the Officer Commanding Central Police Station (OCS) to intervene and “see if the issue can be resolved along the normal police force disciplinary process.”

Meanwhile, the magistrate, directed the accused to sign a personal bond of Sh100,000 “because he has pleaded that he is a police officer.”