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Police officer, civilian fight inside police station over debt

By Winnie Mabel November 17th, 2022 2 min read

In an undated video filmed in an unspecified Kenyan police station, a police officer and a civilian descended into blows over what appears to have been a long overdue debt issue.

According to the video in Nairobi News’ possession, the one-minute, three seconds clip began with four men standing in a hurdle as two of them attempted to pacify the arguing cop and civilian.

Before anyone could do anything, the police officer, who appeared angry, landed a blow to the neck of the civilian before the civilian hit the cop back.

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The two began scuffling inside the police station, throwing punches at each other before another police officer rushed over to separate the two.

The altercation brought the police station to a standstill as the cop began shouting at the civilian that he would not get out of jail soon.

Three men tried to calm the angry cop as he again bayed for the civilian’s blood.

“Don’t you dare hit me again, you’ve heard me? Don’t you dare hit me. What is your problem! You are not getting out of here! You can dare throw a punch at me bro? Let me tell you one thing, you are not getting out of here,” said the angry cop.

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In an attempt to come across as contrite, the civilian attempted to pacify the angry cop who charged at him with a warning.

“There is nothing we are arguing about. I will pay your money. If I’ve gotten the money, I will pay you back,” said the civilian as he invaded the angry cop’s personal space.

The cop roughly pushed him away, promising him he would not get his freedom back anytime soon.

The cop couldn’t contain his anger and was seen walking up and down between the police counter and a nearby door to what appeared to be a cell where the civilian was headed.

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At this time, the civilian tried to explain himself to the witnesses mediating the fight as the cop would not hear him out.

Witnesses attempted to cool down the situation, but the person stealthily recording the video tried adding wood to the fire by laughing and telling the two to finish each other.

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