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Police officer suspected of colluding with criminals turns himself in

By HILARY KIMUYU January 25th, 2018 2 min read

A policeman who had gone underground after his pistol was found on one of the two suspects shot dead in Nairobi last Friday has surrendered to the authorities.

The officer presented himself to officers of the Special Crimes Prevention Unit at Kenyatta on Thursday afternoon, in the company of his lawyer.

The senior sergeant attached to Kiambu police station was taken to Nairobi area DCI offices for grilling.

The policeman went unto hiding last Friday, hours after two suspected gangsters were shot dead in Industrial area and a police firearms recovered.

Evidence of collusion between the officer and criminal gangs emerged after guns from Kiambu Police Station were found in his house.

On Tuesday night, Kiambu police commander Adiel Nyange and DCI chief Amos Teben broke into the officer’s house at Kiambu police station and found firearms which had been reported stolen.


Police officer suspected of colluding with gangsters goes into hiding

In Mombasa, two police officers were arrested on Wednesday after allegedly forcefully compelling a member of the public to take a loan of Sh50,000 on their behalf.

According to the complainant, the two officers arrested him on Tuesday morning while on his way to Kilindini Port where he works as a senior security operator.

The complainant reported how the officers flagged down the matatu the was travelling in and singled him out to step out of the vehicle.

After his arrest, the officers bundled him into a car and drove him to Central Police Station parking yard where they Sh1500 from which was the only money he had.

According to the complainant, the officers were still not satisfied saying the amount was not enough.

He alleges to have been escorted to port Sacco, where he is a member, to apply for Sh50,000 loan, while the officers detained him until he promised to process the money and give it to them.

The two officers have been detained as investigations commence.