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Police officer loses another gun days after being reinstated

A police officer, who was recently reinstated after he was interdicted for losing a firearm, has lost another weapon.

Constable Sammy Leleur of Mowlem police post on Sunday morning lost to a gang, a Jericho pistol loaded with 12 rounds of ammunition.

His colleagues however recovered two other firearms and 15 rounds of ammunition as they pursued the gang.

Mr Leleur said that at around 4am, he saw three people carrying bags and he ordered them to stop. They declined and the officer decided to follow them when one of the three men snatched his firearm and ran away.


He raised an alarm and his colleagues responded. They followed the gang up to Siranga where the gangsters allegedly dropped two other firearms after a shoot-out with the police.

Buru Buru OCPD Richard Kerich on Sunday said that one of the Ceska pistols, was loaded with 4 rounds of ammunition, while the other had 11 bullets.

Mr Kerich however said that they had not recovered the officer’s stolen gun.

The gang escaped towards Mwiki and were yet to be traced. Outside the police post, officers recovered three bags that were dropped by the gangsters. The bags had assorted salon items and a metal cutter.

When he lost the first firearm, Mr Leleur claimed that he was pursuing gangsters when it fell into a sewer line.

The firearm was never recovered and he was interdicted.

Last week, police recovered at least four firearms in separate incidents. In Eastleigh, AP from Kariokor shot dead a suspect and recovered a Beretta pistol while a shotgun was recovered in Karen.