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Police officer receives salvation after witnessing horror accident

The horrific scenes at Migaa along the Nakuru Eldoret highway following the deadly road accident could be a turning point in the life of a police officer who was involved in the rescue operations.

Mr Micah Mbuthia, who was among the people involved in the retrieval of bodies that were trapped in the Nairobi bound bus that collided head-on with a truck, made an instant decision to receive salvation.

Speaking to Nation, the officer said he had decided to change his ways and receive salvation after seeing so many dead bodies of people who had just passed on after the carnage.

He confessed having realized how delicate life is and decided to be on the safe side before his turn comes.

“From the horrible scenes that I saw with my naked eyes I have realized that life is a very delicate thing which can be lost any time, in my opinion the best thing one can do is to turn back to his creator and avoid evil ways because death is not far away from us though we aren’t sure when it will strike,” said Mr Mbuthia.

This was the second most deadly accident that the officer has had to deal with, but in his account it was the worst scenario he has ever encountered in the course of his work.


Mr Mbuthia narrated how his whole body shivered when he came across broken limbs and body parts which were trapped inside the bus.

“Imagine seeing so many lifeless bodies before you which you are sure were alive just few minutes ago, that’s when I looked at myself and realized that I am nothing better,” he added.

The accident which occurred at 3am on Sunday claimed at least 36 lives while 12 others were seriously injured. Four among the casualties were young children, two months and 10 years.

A team of traffic police officers, led by the Rift valley traffic enforcement officer Mr Ziro Arome alongside the Kenya Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance responders, were involved in the rescue operations.

Mr Mbuthia said he alongside his colleagues arrived at the scene immediately after the accident to clear the road. However, he said he almost lost the strength to continue with operation because the situation was heartbreaking.

“The sight of the young innocent children almost made me unconscious before I gathered more strength to continue,’ he said.