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Police officer who refused to drive cows from the compound of his boss sacked

A police constable accused of insubordination, including refusal to drive cattle away from the compound of a senior officer, has been sacked from the service.

The said officer, Mr Newton Chebii, is a former Recce Unit officer who was once stationed in West Park police post where he is reported to have constantly differed with his bosses.

Mr Chebii is also accused by his colleagues of recording questionable information in the Occurrence Book and sharing the same on social.

The cattle incident is one such case which was later subjected to investigations. It was reported that Mr Chebii later wrote on the OB that driving away cows from the compound of his bosses was not part of his job.

He is also accused of disclosing information about the police service, making false statements against his bosses and disobeying lawful orders.

“With the seriousness of the offences coupled with your poor record of service, I suspend you from duty under section 48(1) cap 30 of the Service Standing orders with effect from July 28, 2022,” a letter penned by his boss read in part.

Following his sacking, the officer was asked to hand back an appointment letter that was given to him when he joined the service. He was also ordered to ensure that he reports on a weekly basis to Kapsowar Police Station which is located in his home area.

This is not the first time the officer is facing the sack. In 2017 he was kicked out of the General Service Unit (GSU) for absconding duty but was later reinstated after it emerged that he was a student at Strathmore University.

And in an interesting twist to the saga, on Friday night the officer, through a Facebook post, threatened his superiors for sacking him.

“I have a dream that one day I will be the Inspector General of police. I am not quitting the service because of choreographed issues, drama and melodrama connived by Kamati ya roho chafu,” he wrote.