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Police officers fight over beer bill

Police in Nairobi are holding a man who returned a missing magazine with 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition which had been reported missing after a bar brawl over an unpaid bill along in Kasarani.

Inspector Fredrick Mzungu attached to Jogoo police station and Inspector Kelvin Mwangi of Kileleshwa police station had gone to Paris Lounge and Grill on Monday evening while accompanied by four other members of the public for some refreshment when a fight broke out over who was to settle the Sh1,200 bill.

According to a police statement, at around 4am, a disagreement over a bill ensued, leading to a fight between the officers and the club’s security personnel.

As a result, Inspector Mzungu withdrew his Cesca pistol loaded with 9 rounds of ammunition.

“In defence, the security personnel disarmed the officer and in the process a magazine loaded with 9 rounds of ammunition got lost,” the statement reads in part.

Police officers from Kasarani Police Station recovered the pistol and placed it in safe Custody at their Armoury as the search for the lost Magazine proceeds.

He was disarmed by security officers and it was in the process that he lost the loaded Magazine. The six started fighting before Mzungu withdrew his Cesca pistol with the intention to shoot.

During the scuffle, the said officer sustained head injuries. The pistol was recovered and kept at the Kasarani police station armoury for safe custody as police searched for the lost magazine.

On Wednesday, a man who works at the lounge found the magazine and took it to Kasarani Police station and was immediately placed in custody to assist with investigations.

Emmanuel Oyuka who is an employee of Shisha Joint within Paris Lounge said he found the magazine in the compound of the lounge while on his way home and returned it at around 10am.