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Police officers seriously injured by goons at local eatery

Two Administration Police (AP) officers are nursing serious injuries after they were attacked on Saturday by people who they believe are matatu touts at Witeithie stage in Juja, Kiambu County.

The officers were at a local eatery when a group of youth stormed in and pounced on them.

The rowdy youth descended on the unarmed officers with kicks and blows leaving them seriously injured.

The police officers were rescued by their colleagues from the mob, whose motive could not be immediately established.


The injured officers were ferried to safety in a land cruiser by their colleague. One of the officers said his phone was stolen during the attack.

However, it is suspected that the youth were on a revenge mission following the arrest of several touts at the bus stop the previous day.

Following the attack, a swoop led by Witeithie AP post boss, Inspector James Dawai was conducted leading to the arrest of several touts.

Juja Sub-County deputy commissioner Charles Mureithi has since issued a directive that all touts be flushed out of bus termini in the Sub-county.