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Police officers killed in Al Shabaab ambush

December 27th, 2015 1 min read


Two police inspectors were killed and two other officers injured when Al Shabaab militia ambushed them in Mandera on Sunday morning.

Mandera governor Ali Roba said the militants attacked a vehicle the officers were traveling in at Qurqura near Alungo.

Deputy county commissioner Elvis Korir said the vehicle was heading to Elwak Town from Lafey at 10.30am when an unknown number of Al Shabaab militia ambushed the police vehicle.

Mr Roba told the Daily Nation on phone that there was increased presence of Al Shabaab terrorists cells in Mandera leading to increased attacks in past three weeks.

Mr Roba, who hailed the government for ensuring security in the county for the last six months prior to the current attacks, called on security personnel to address the increased terror cells in the area.


He said local pastoralists had reported more than 200 Al Shabaab moving in groups.

He said if not controlled the terror cells could spread to other parts of country and cause mayhem.

“I urge the government to increase foot patrols and comb the bushes to wipe out the militia,” Mr Roba said.

In the past three weeks alone, there have been an explosion in Mandera and a raid on security personnel which left five injured. A security vehicle was also hit.

Al Shabaab also waylaid passengers killing two people and injuring two others. A lorry that was behind the bus was also stopped and a policeman who was traveling on it killed.

On Christmas day two Al Shabaab militants were killed after a grenade they were planting exploded.