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Police officers now ordered to unboard excess passengers in PSVs

Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, has ordered police officers manning roadblocks this festive season to act against excess passengers in Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) with focus now shifting from crew members.

The IG, while addressing the press at his Jogoo House office, warned members of the public that they will be unboarded and the crew allowed to proceed with the journey to the intended destination with the remaining passengers.

“During this season and even after, if you are found in any of our roadblocks as an excess passenger, we shall be dealing with you individually, but not with the vehicle operators,” Mutyambai said on Thursday.

According to Section 100(2) of the Traffic Act Cap 403, for any PSV which carries more persons, baggage or goods than it is licensed to carry, the driver, the conductor and the owner of such vehicle commits an offence each and shall be liable, upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding Sh20,000 and an additional amount of five thousand shillings for each person in excess of the licensed capacity.

He emphasized that every passenger will be expected to occupy their assigned seat and belt up in accordance with traffic regulations.


Mutyambai further directed the police to take action with immediate effect, saying no passenger should blame the conductor or driver for not having an assigned seat.

At the same time, he also warned motorists against drunk driving and speeding.

“Motorists must also remain sober and avoid speeding to guard against causing road accidents,” he said.

The IG also asked those intending to travel to various parts of the country to make security arrangements before leaving, advising them not to leave their homes unattended.

He advised members of the public to use the police toll numbers 999, 911 or 211 for assistance whenever they encountered any problems while on transit.