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Watch trigger happy non-uniformed police officers shooting in public – VIDEO

A video of two plainclothes police officers in a confrontation with a boda boda rider in Nairobi’s CBD has been gone viral with residents concerned about the shooting in the air that was involved.

The officers had approached a rider who was clad in an orange Safe Boda reflective jacket and had a confrontation before ordering him to pick up his bike and accompany them.

The rider was not amused and kept trying to offer an explanation but the two officers dragged him forcefully while shooting in the air to scare the crowd that was gathering.

The commotion forced those in the vicinity to scamper for safety as some screamed. But the officers kept shooting in the air even after the crowd had dispersed.


Online, users are now questioning the manner in which the officers handled the riders:

“What kind of police officers are these? Before using your firearm you must ensure the force being used is commensurate to the threat. The boda guy is unarmed,” Don King commented.

“The guy is clearly resisting arrest, this are supposedly uninformed police, the least he should is accompany them to the station, get charged and plead his case in court… the cops have to manage the growing rage from the public, they too are human and fear for their lives too,” Mr Mac wrote.

“No that’s not right! We do not live in the jungle. Who are those so careless with firearms? Whoever they are should be account for their actions. That’s threatening public safety and causing a disturbance of the peace in public,” Logic stated.


“That guy was violently resisting arrest and police had to use the necessary force to arrest him and also deal with the up surging crowd and save their lives as well. They are okay,” Mourine Shanja wrote.

“Ever since the introduction of ubers n taxifies… some wananchi have been hating on boda guys for any flimsy reason… boda guys save lives… if u know u know… they have their shortcomings lakini kwa barabara hakuna watu wa nguvu kama hao,” Chirri Odemba said.

“If they are not allowed into CBD then let them be arrested,” Mfalme commented.