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Police officers waste bullets in the air after girlfriend complains of bad bread

Two police officers are being held at Marsabit Police Station after shooting in the air during a row over an expired loaf of bread.

The officers, James Mugo and Peter Gachuru, fired several bullets in the air to scare away residents of Shauri Yako Estate in Marsabit town after confronting a shopkeeper over a bad loaf of bread.

According to Marsabit Police Commandant Steve Oloo, the officers went home after night duty only for one of them to find his girlfriend moody over the loaf of bread.

She claimed that the shopkeeper refused to refund her money despite the bread being bad.

Mr Oloo said the two will remain in police custody over the weekend awaiting disciplinary action.

“This is total abuse of the power, instead of protecting the common mwananchi, they went about bullying them,” Mr Oloo said.