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Police on the trail of notorious car theft gang

Police in Kiambu are on the trail of a dangerous gang that specializes in car theft and vandalism.

According to a statement from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, (DCI) the said gang of three recently carjacked a motorist and disappeared with his Toyota Premio.

“As the gate (to his home) opened, the driver’s window was suddenly smashed with an iron rod, before two shots were fired in the air from a pistol in an attempt to subdue him,” the DCI tweeted.

The man however managed to forced his way into the car park, but the gang caught up with him and roughed him up before grabbing his car keys and phone.

“They immediately drove off towards Ndenderu. On receiving the report, DCI detectives based at Kiambaa immediately swung into action and launched a manhunt for the suspects,” DCI said.

Hours later detectives found the stolen vehicle abandoned in Kagongo village extensively vandalized.

The rear and front headlights, side mirrors,tyres and and radio had been stolen.

Detectives believe the three suspects who are still at large are part of a criminal syndicate operating within Kiambu county.

According to DCI, the gang has been targeting taxi drivers while posing as customers.

“The miscreants have been targeting taxi drivers while posing as customers, only to turn against them at isolated places, then assault the drivers and vandalize their vehicles. Some members of the syndicate have previously been arrested and arraigned in court,” DCI said.