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Police order to arrest trade in Sh500 million fraud case

Police have been ordered to arrest the spouse of a leading city hotelier in an Sh520 million bank fraud case.

Those wanted are Jayesh Umedlal Shanghavi, and her wife Nina, who are the proprietors of Nyamama chain of restaurants in Nairobi.

They are both charged with obtaining Sh520million from Victoria Commercial Bank Limited (VCBL) through a fraudulent execution of security to secure the bank facility on diverse dates between December 10 2018 and November 23, 2020.

Jayesh was arrested on November 25 and charged the following day.

A warrant of arrest was issued against Nina and it is yet to be executed.

When the case was mentioned on December 7, 2021 for Nina to plead to the charge, defence lawyers Edwin Salun and Eric Kaburu disclosed to the court she is outside the jurisdiction of the court.

Salun urged the court to suspend a warrant for Nina’s arrest.

But VCBL lawyer Antony Kamau Chege and the state prosecutor urged the magistrate to decline the plea and order police to execute the warrant of arrest already in force since Nina chose not to attend court “yet she knew she was needed to attend court.”

The court ordered police to arrest Nina soonest and arraign her.

Ms Wandia said the defence owned up in court that police know where Nina is.

“From the confessions by Salun it is clear to me there is a game being played by the police and the accused who was supposed to attend court Wednesday to answer to the charge against her. Police know where she is,” Ms Wandia stated.

The magistrate declined a request to suspend the execution of the arrest order for 14days to enable her return from an overseas trip.