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Police ordered to remove roadblocks

Traffic police officers in various major roads within the city have been directed to stop putting up roadblocks.

In a communication to regional bosses that was seen by Nairobi News, Deputy Inspector General of police Edward Mbugua said that the main reason behind the directive is because most of the roadblocks have been turned into toll stations.

“It is not rocket science to know the motive (behind the roadblocks). It’s simply to engage in corrupt practices for the commanders and the deployed (officers) benefit,” Mr Mbugua said.

Instead, Mr Mbugua said that officers should be patrolling highways and not being stationed in one place.

The placing of officers on specific roadblocks has been the norm for a while now with most of the officers extorting motorists.

According to Mr Mbugua, senior officers have been acting against orders of Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai who said roadblocks should not be mounted on Kenyan roads.

Mr Mutyambai then said that the traffic officers should be working under the supervision of the OCS and not base commanders as was the case before.