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Police probe deaths of two found dead in container in posh city estate

Police have been asked to speed up investigations into the deaths of two men whose bodies were found in Gigiri, Nairobi, two weeks ago.

Kevin Shikoli, 24, and Dennis Shiveka, 22, were found inside a shipping container which was locked from outside. They had also been poisoned.

Another man who was with them is in a critical condition at a Nairobi hospital.

The three men had been contracted by a Nakuru businessman, Mr James Aggrey Otieno, to clear a bush on land that he had bought in the Nyari area of Gigiri, Nairobi.


When Mr Otieno went to inspect the farm on September 8, he found the container’s latches fastened from the outside. Kevin’s hand was outstretched below the door to the container, which they had been living in.

Police said the three employees had all vomited, and that Kevin may have attempted to seek help by outstretching his arm under the door. He died before help arrived.

An unconscious Dennis taken by their employer to Kihara District Hospital and then transferred to Kiambu District Hospital, where he died a few hours later.

Gigiri criminal investigations boss Daniel Kandie said they were called to the scene by Mr Otieno.

“We found three people on the floor. One of them was dead but the other two were unconscious, so they were taken to hospital but one of them also died,” he said.

He added that there was cooked food in the container, suggesting they had just shared a meal before they fell sick.


The employer, according to Mr Kandie, travelled with the three employees from Nakuru on September 6 and left them at the farm to work.

He went back to Nakuru and travelled to Nairobi on September 8. Before he went to the farm, however, he attended a court hearing for an ongoing criminal case involving his former employee at the Kiambu Law Courts.

After the case, he drove to his Nyari farm where he came upon the tragedy.

Mr Morris Lukalia, an uncle of the deceased, asked the police to speed up investigations into the deaths.

“Our father is very old and these two were his hope,” said Mr Lukalia. “They also had families. Even as we speak, Kevin’s wife is pregnant with their second baby.”