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Police probe ‘fake’ Qatar jobs deal, youths protest

Hundreds of youths have staged protests in Nairobi after interviews lined up to secure their jobs in the Middle East failed to materialize.

The youths were left a frustrated lot after their agent namely Nelson Gathenge failed to show up for the interview.

Neither did he respond to their repeated phone calls.

According to one of them, they have been preparing for the interviews for the last three weeks after being informed by their agent they qualified for the jobs.

“I woke up very early today knowing that I have an interview that will enable me to travel and work in Qatar as a cleaner,” Jane Njeri, one of the affected youth, told Nairobi News.

But how did they fall into the trap?

According to the youths, the jobs were advertised in July mainly through leaflets, and social media.

Others were informed of the opportunities by their friends and relatives.

Mr Gathenge, who the youths say is the owner of the agency firm namely Regency Home had informed them the interview for cleaning and security jobs would be held at his office located at Accra Road in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

One had to pay between Sh3500 to Sh10,000 to qualify for the interview.

The cash was meant for registration and medical check-up.

“I have never seen the agent but I paid 8,000 through the MPesa which they said was to cater for registration and facilitation for the interview. I have also used Sh500 for medical but one of my friends here paid 10,000 to one of the staff in the agent’s office,” added Grace Muthoni, another victim.

“I want my money. Seems like we have been tricked but I still have hopes that I will still travel to Qatar,” Anne said.

After spending more than three hours in his office without any progress or information regarding their interview, they became agitated and doubtful.

They were informed by one of the three ladies in the office of their agent that the boss was on his way, but they ran out of patience and protested.

To minimize commission and crowd, the staff directed them to another agent at Kimathi Street, who was not aware of the interview since he has no link with the Regency Home.

He then called the police from the Central Police station who arrived and started probing the matter.

Police arrested three ladies in the office, with the crowd demonstrated all the way to the police station.

Upon reaching the station, the complainants were informed they would only start investigating the matter if they have evidence proving that they paid money to the firm.