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Police pull out two bodies from collapsed silo in Industrial Area

Two bodies have been recovered from a collapsed silo at Industrial Area in Nairobi.

Police have said one worker is still missing.

The grains silo along Mogadishu road collpased Wednesday night leaving three workers injured and three others missing.

According to Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome, the three who were rescued in the night were rushed to the hospital.

“We are being very tactful with the recovery efforts as the ground is unstable because of the rains and there are nine other silos full of grains,” Mr Koome told Nairobi News.

Police had on Thursday morning been informed by the Golden Harvest management that the missing workers are only three.

“We are being assisted by members of the public as well as the Kenya Red Cross and we are being very careful in the rescue exercise so as not to tamper with the other silos,” added Mr Koome.