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Police rescue 10-year-old boy from his monster parents

By KNA July 10th, 2019 1 min read

Police in Kwale County have rescued a 10-year-old boy found tortured by his mother and father.

Matuga sub-county police Chief Darson Gababa told KNA in an interview that neighbours who knew the situation reported the matter to the police.

He said the incident happened in Jeza A village where cases of child abuse have been rampant.

“We dispatched police officers immediately we got wind of the matter where they found the parents whipping the child in turns.

“We got reports from Good Samaritans that a pupil was being caned by his parents for unknown reasons. It is then that we sent some police officers who intervened,” said Gababa.

He said there is a need for child abuse awareness campaigns in the region.

When the boy was taken to Kwale town by police he was extremely weak and could barely speak or move.

He said his abusive parents had refused to feed him and he had endured days of torture and beatings.

Gababa said the boy had at some point lost consciousness during the ordeal.

The boy was taken to Kwale County Hospital for treatment.

Police have placed both his parents in custody at Kwale Police Station where they are being interrogated.