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Police seeking man who attempted to chop off stepson’s genitals


A four-year old boy is nursing injuries after his stepfather cut his genitals and denied him medical attention for a week.

The man, reported to have been hitting the minor in the past, allegedly cut the boy’s private parts in Njeng’u, Nyeri County, and attempted to mask the incident by taking him to a dispensary claiming a crowbar fell on him.

Even when doctors at Mweiga dispensary advised the father to take the child to Nyeri County Referral Hospital, he did not. The incident is said to have happened on January 4 , after the man identified as Mr James King’ori, 32, sent his step-son to fetch a crowbar only for the boy to return saying that he could not find it.

According to the mother, her husband then dragged the boy into the house and started beating him up before removing his shorts and tried to chop off his genitals.

Neighbours heard the child’s screams and rushed to help him.

“He told the neighbours that a crowbar fell on him but there was no blood on his shorts,” said the mother adding that he had tried using salt and tea leaves to stop the bleeding.

She remained oblivious of the nature of her son’s injuries until the bandage used to stop the bleeding fell off. She took him to the dispensary where she was told a referral had been issued.


However, the four-year-old had to wait until Monday after his step-father threatened to beat up his mother if she took him to the hospital.

The mother however reported the matter at Mweiga police station and was issued with a p3 form. Kieni West OCPD John Kemboi said the form was issued on Monday, but the document is dated January 8.

A doctor attending to the boy said he had a deep wound and swollen genitals.

“We received the patient with a septic wound on his private parts but he is in stable condition. Once the swelling subsides he will undergo surgery,” said Dr Gor Goody.

The man suspected of committing the crime is also reported to have previously stabbed the same boy in the face but begged the mother to forgive him, which she did.

Nevertheless, the boy’s mother said he would not forgive her husband this time round as she fears for the life of her children and her own safety.

The couple has four children two of whom were sired by the man while the woman bore the other two from a previous relationship.

The suspect has gone into hiding.