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Police seize hit-and-run motorbike which almost killed five-year-old in Kasarani – VIDEO

By Amina Wako September 26th, 2019 2 min read

A five-year- boy was hit and left for dead by a boda boda rider in Kasarani on the evening of August 26, 2019.

When Nairobi News first did the story, the police at Mwiki Police Station, where the incident was reported, had not yet seized the motorbike nor arrested the rider.


Nairobi News can now reveal that officers from the police station on Monday impounded the said motorbike but are yet to make any arrest.

The owner of the bike is reportedly out of town, but the police managed to get the rider Moses Karanja.

But according to Karanja, he was not the one who was riding the bike when the accident happened.

“Nilikuwa nimeenda garage kupileka piki piki yangu kitu saa nane. Nikakaa hapo kungoja piki piki yangu fundi akaenda nayo akakaa. Nikiwa garage nikaskia kuna mtoto alingongwa na mimi nikienda kuangalia sikupata mtoto na sikupata nduthi,” said Karanja.

However, sources who previously spoke to Nairobi News identified the rider as a certain Nderitu, who they said is well known to police officers and was recently released from jail.

The area residents also admitted Nderitu, with two other pillions, hit the young boy and fled the scene of the accident, but they are afraid to come out and record a statement for fear of their safety.


Karanja, on the other hand, claims the mechanic returned the motorbike later that evening at around 8pm without telling him of the accident he had been involved in during the day.

According to Karanja it’s only after two week that he was told his motorbike had been involved in an accident.

“Inspector Njoroge alikuja hapo kwangu na akachukua nduthi yangu. Akaniambia pikipiki ilingongana. Mimi nilimwambia mimi sijui akaichukua akaipeleka Sunton.

The officers took the bike to Sunton Police Station where it has been until Monday when officers from Traffic department from Mwiki Police Station picked it up.

The motorbike had been in operation without a driving license when the accident occurred.


The motorbike was insured on September 13, 2019, about two weeks after the accident has occurred.

A source, who spoke to Nairobi News, said the officers are looking for the mechanic who has since closed down his garage and went into hiding.

Investigating officers have also recorded a statement from the mother of the five-year-old boy who has been at Francis Community Hospital since the accident.

After a surgery at the hospital the doctors found out the boy had a broken left hand and serious head injuries.

He also sustained a deep cut just above his right eye that had to be stitched several times.

On September 2, 2019, the boy was discharged from hospital, but unfortunately the two have been detained at the hospital after they failed to raise the bill.