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WANTED: Police offer Sh2.5m for whereabouts of goons who brutalised lobby official

The police are offering a reward of upto Sh2.5 million for information leading to the arrest of the criminals who were recently caught on camera assaulting former Nairobi Central Business District Association chairman Timothy Muriuki at a city hotel.

A statement released by the Kenya Police Service on its official Facebook page, following days of fruitless search for the suspects, indicated the goons, if arrested, will face charges of robbery with violence.

“The suspects whose images are attached are wanted by Police to answer to charges of Robbery with Violence. The suspects who have since gone to hiding attacked and robbed Mr Timothy Muriuki at Boulevard Hotel on 30/04/2018. A cash reward of Sh 500,000 will be offered to anyone with information leading to their arrest,” the statement read.

The Kenya Police Service has also posted the same information on its official Twitter handle, complete with photos of the wanted men.

A bounty of Sh500,000 has been placed on the head of each one of them.


Police closing in on pro-Sonko goons who brutalised lobby official

In a shocking episode last Monday, the suspects were captured storming a press briefing called by Muruiki where he intended to address the situation in Nairobi.

In the full glare of TV cameras, the men snatched his notes and tore them apart before dragging him away and threatening to throw him into a nearby swimming pool.

Not done, they then chased him out of the hotel and were seen assaulting him, stripping him of his coat and emptying the pockets.

The attackers claimed Mr Muriuki, in the aborted press conference, was about to tarnish Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s name and they could not allow him to address journalists.

However, the governor has since disassociated himself with the assailants and their shocking assault on Mr Muruiki.