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Police shoot dead five suspects in Nairobi

Five suspected thugs, among them a woman were shot dead by police along Thika Superhighway on Tuesday night.

Police also recovered an AK 47 riffle, a pistol, 14 rounds of ammunition and a bullet proof jacket on the five who according to police were planning a robbery in Muranga town.

According to the Kenya Police Spokesperson, Gatiria Mboroki, members of the public alerted the police about the suspects, who had boarded a 14-seater matatu in Nairobi.


“When police intercepted them and challenged them to stop, they sped away, prompting the police to deflate the vehicle’s tyres and when the vehicle could no longer move at a speed, they started shooting at the officers forcing them to shoot back,” Ms Mboroki said of the 11pm incident.

Other police sources indicate that the five had picked the weapons at an area near Zimmerman and were to commit the robbery very early Wednesday morning.

Ms Mboroki could not ascertain whether those who were shot dead was the driver of the Matatu and whether he was an accomplice.

“The group planned to also conduct a series of robberies over the Easter holiday and we are grateful to members of the public for giving us the information,” Ms Mboroki said, adding that such cooperation is critical in curbing crime in the country.