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Police spokesman blasts Luo leaders, reveals political ambitions

By ELISHA OTIENO October 25th, 2016 1 min read

Police Spokesman Charles Owino has hinted at joining politics in the near future.

He said the Luo leadership is ageing and requires fresh and young leaders like him to steer the community ahead.

“I will one day join politics to serve my people. I have a feeling that young leaders should emerge from Nyanza to define the community’s future,” Mr Owino said on Tuesday.

It, however, remained unclear whether he will plunge into elective politics next year or in 2022.

Mr Owino, who was recently promoted to Commissioner of Police, criticised the current Luo politicians for engaging in rhetoric during campaigns in order to lure voters but with nothing to show in development activities.


“We need a leadership that will be keen on developing the community based on truth and realities of life. Some leaders have taken the community for granted for a long time through deceit,” stated the police spokesman when he was hosted by¬†Mayienga FM on Tuesday morning.

However, he did not state which political office he will go for.

“Right now, I am still a public servant in the Kenya Police Service. I will decide at the right time,” he added.

At the same time, Mr Owino asked the Luo community to be tolerant to divergent views and to respect elected leaders.

“Even if you don’t agree with the manner in which a certain leader got into the office, please respect them and the offices they hold. This is when others will also respect us,” said Mr Owino.

“I believe I have what it takes to become a leader and I will confront the circumstances to tell the people my vision. I am courageous person who cannot be intimidated,” he asserted.